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For companies that need SSO, user management and professional support for LiteLLM Proxy

This covers:

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics does Professional support cover and what SLAs do you offer?

Professional Support can assist with LLM/Provider integrations, deployment, upgrade management, and LLM Provider troubleshooting. We can’t solve your own infrastructure-related issues but we will guide you to fix them.

We offer custom SLAs based on your needs and the severity of the issue. The standard SLA is 6 hours for Sev0-Sev1 severity and 24h for Sev2-Sev3 between 7am – 7pm PT (Monday through Saturday).

What’s the cost of the Self-Managed Enterprise edition?

Self-Managed Enterprise deployments require our team to understand your exact needs. Get in touch with us to learn more