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Hosted LiteLLM Proxy

LiteLLM maintains the proxy, so you can focus on your core products.

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This is in alpha. Schedule a call with us, and we'll give you a hosted proxy within 30 minutes.

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Status: Alpha

Our proxy is already used in production by customers.

See our status page for live reliability


  • No Maintenance, No Infra: We'll maintain the proxy, and spin up any additional infrastructure (e.g.: separate server for spend logs) to make sure you can load balance + track spend across multiple LLM projects.
  • Reliable: Our hosted proxy is tested on 1k requests per second, making it reliable for high load.
  • Secure: LiteLLM is currently undergoing SOC-2 compliance, to make sure your data is as secure as possible.

Data Privacy & Security

You can find our data privacy & security policy for cloud litellm here

Supported data regions for LiteLLM Cloud

You can find supported data regions litellm here


Pricing is based on usage. We can figure out a price that works for your team, on the call.

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1. Create keys

2. Add Models

3. Track spend

4. Configure load balancing

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Feature List

  • Easy way to add/remove models
  • 100% uptime even when models are added/removed
  • custom callback webhooks
  • your domain name with HTTPS
  • Ability to create/delete User API keys
  • Reasonable set monthly cost