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Migration Guide - LiteLLM v1.0.0+

When we have breaking changes (i.e. going from 1.x.x to 2.x.x), we will document those changes here.


Last Release before breaking change: 0.14.0

What changed?

  • Requires openai>=1.0.0
  • openai.InvalidRequestError → openai.BadRequestError
  • openai.ServiceUnavailableErroropenai.APIStatusError
  • NEW litellm client, allow users to pass api_key
    • litellm.Litellm(api_key="sk-123")
  • response objects now inherit from BaseModel (prev. OpenAIObject)
  • NEW default exception - APIConnectionError (prev. APIError)
  • litellm.get_max_tokens() now returns an int not a dict
    max_tokens = litellm.get_max_tokens("gpt-3.5-turbo") # returns an int not a dict 
    assert max_tokens==4097
  • Streaming - OpenAI Chunks now return None for empty stream chunks. This is how to process stream chunks with content
    response = litellm.completion(model="gpt-3.5-turbo", messages=messages, stream=True)
    for part in response:
    print(part.choices[0].delta.content or "")

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