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Weights & Biases - Logging LLM Input/Output

Weights & Biases helps AI developers build better models faster


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Ensure you have run pip install wandb for this integration

pip install wandb litellm

Quick Start

Use just 2 lines of code, to instantly log your responses across all providers with Weights & Biases

litellm.success_callback = ["wandb"]
# pip install wandb 
import litellm
import os

os.environ["WANDB_API_KEY"] = ""
# LLM API Keys

# set wandb as a callback, litellm will send the data to Weights & Biases
litellm.success_callback = ["wandb"]

# openai call
response = litellm.completion(
{"role": "user", "content": "Hi 👋 - i'm openai"}

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